Waupaca County Workforce Summit




Waupaca County Workforce Summit

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
7:30a – 10:30a
Crystal Falls, New London

Cost $25 (includes breakfast)

Presented by Waupaca County Economic Development Corporation




Keynote Speaker, Oliver Buechse is the co-Founder and Executive Director of Advancing AI Wisconsin. In this role he has championed a community-based effort to increase awareness of digital disruption in Wisconsin and build educational programming for business audiences. Oliver teaches the MBA course “Waves of Disruption” at St. Norbert College and has been a featured keynote speaker throughout the State on the topic of Artificial intelligence and other disruptive trends.

Advancing Wisconsin is a grassroots initiative to increase awareness of a set of technologies often referred to as “Digital Disruption Technologies” and their impact on Wisconsin businesses, workforce needs, educational programming and the State overall. The most recognizable technology category which impacts all others in some form is artificial Intelligence (AI), hence the choice of name for our initiative: Advancing AI Wisconsin. It also indicates that our initiative aims to do more than just create awareness. We want to set in motion a positive dynamic regarding the adoption of AI (and other technologies) and the management of their impact.

The WI Department of Education is supporting the WI Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) effort to expand a successful career planning tool for Wisconsin high school students.  Career Cruising (aka Xello) is a robust software package that has been implemented by many WI School Districts to help students decide which future path is best suited for them.  The new module, Inspire, purchased by WEDC, allows businesses to connect directly with students and offer them opportunities like internships, apprenticeships, mentoring and employment.  Lynn Aprill from CESA 8 will join us to discuss how she has implemented Inspire in several school districts, including Clintonville.