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Social Web Dzine LogoSince joining the Waupaca Chamber of Commerce in November of 2012, I’ve seen a tremendous growth in my business. I’ve had 5 new clients sign contracts in just 5 months and have an additional 4 clients planning to sign contracts within the next few months.

Not only have I seen a growth in the number of clients but I’ve also noticed personal growth as well. I am an introvert by nature and have difficulty networking one-to-one. I discussed this problem with Terri, Kathy, and Tom and they’ve all given me encouragement and advice on how to work through this and become better at networking. My confidence level has grown and I’ve gained more out of joining the chamber than I ever expected. While I still don’t enjoy the networking aspect, I do however enjoy getting out and meeting with other local business owners.

Through the Waupaca Chamber of Commerce, I’ve gained new clients, new friends, and new skills. If you’re serious about growing your business, I highly recommend joining the chamber and participating in the various events they host.

–  Rose Fields ~Social Web Dzine